So, you need some new content, huh? Well, you've come to the right place. 
Firstly, have a think of the vision you'd like to create - what are your dreams and ideas for the project? The clearer the vision, the quicker we can bring your dream into reality through visual storytelling. At this stage, you're ready to fill out the contact form below and move into the planning stage (that's exciting)!
Pre-shoot Vision & Planning Meeting
If you are local, we will meet in person (if you're not, we will hop on a Zoom call) and in this 30 min to 1 hour meeting, we will nail down all the details to ensure the shoot day goes beautifully! We will talk about sourcing props if needed, location details and/or studio hire, outfits, timeline of the day and more, so we are on the same page. After this meeting, I’ll send you over a mood board, proposal and contract to sign and we can get started on making some magic together!
Finally, it's shoot day and all of our detailed plans are ready to be put to action (YAY!). 
Sound good? Yep, thought so. It's time for you to send in your amazing ideas for the shoot here 👇
Thank you!
How much do you charge?
Every shoot is unique and pricing depends on the brief (hours shooting, number of photos and/or videos, location/studio, travel etc.).  I'd love to provide you with a detailed pricing breakdown once I know what you'd like to create together! I am not currently charging licensing fees.
How quick will I get my photos/videos?
You can expect your photos & videos to be edited within 1 week on average. The scale of a shoot will determine how quickly it is able to be edited. If you only require a smaller amount of campaign-ready photos/videos, it won't take me as long!
...What if I need them A.S.A.P.?
I'm happy to offer express editing options if needed. Yes, there is a fee for express editing (this allows me to prioritise your work over others & work some nice, long hours).​​​​​​​
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